Luke warm almond bubbly vanilla water. Air slightly resembling fresh baked cookies. Michael Buble lightly playing in the background… my heaven..my bath.  These are the moments I spend with myself completely re-figuring my outlook on life, love and business. This particular week not only involves my business, but involves heavy thought on what I want in life.  I’ve spent my entire week in a work shop/life changer known as the wonderful, amazing and gorgeous Jasmine Star. This woman has completely transformed the way I look at Hidden Key Designs. I’m nothing but grateful for her expressive outlook on business and her “keep it real” attitude that makes me want to be a better person. She has taught me how to not only reorganize my business, but has given me the confidence to showcase who I truly am to you all. (The song changes to the Beatles…Yesterday…my mothers favorite band… my childhood).  I’m no longer ashamed of showing who I am. In saying that, you deserve to know a smidgen of who not only Hidden Key Designs is, but me…. Barbara Butts:

I started Hidden Key Designs out of sheer luck. I guess you could say, I’ve always started things… but never truly finished. Not until this business. I take this business more seriously than anything I’ve ever done in my adult life… and let’s get real… I’ve maybe been an “adult” for what.. 2 years?:)But I wont forget it, how can I? I was there at my good friends party where I wanted to document this life changing moment that was technically meant to be hard, difficult and sad. I wanted her to know that this wasn’t sad.. that this was a means for celebration. Little did she know that calling off her engagement at this particular time to a man who wasn’t worthy, would lead to her finding one of the most amazing men only a year later, and to be happily married. I took photos because I knew the impact that photos had on my life. I never once ever thought I would be doing this professionally, but I knew I had a passion from this moment on. These were the photos that helped me discover that I wanted to tell a story behind my lens. My dearest friend  went through something so hard, yet undeniably rewarding in the end… and I captured a glimpse of that moment in time.

It was only a few days later after posting those photos on the beloved Facebook, that I received feedback that I never ever suspected. Across the board, I was told I should take more photos and even consider doing them professionally. What a BOOST that gave me! I grabbed my niece and nephew (knowing nearly nothing about photography) and took them to a park. I photographed them the way I saw them, which was pure, fun and innocent… maybe with a different edge, but it was me. Again, posting them, I never suspected what came next… job offers.

I now look back on the past year and see how differently things have changed. I will “keep it real” and let you know that I have been all over the map. I’ve gone from tons of different actions on photos, to different ways of marketing, all the way to too much in your face, to not enough. Again, I express my learning curve and want to let my audience know, that I am now truly honing in on what I want…. for me… and for my business.

I love taking photos of people. I’m not your landscape kind-a-girl. I hope to one day be solely a Wedding Photographer while offering Bridals & Engagements. Now you at least know what direction I am steering for my business!

If you’ve read this far, then I appreciate your time. I can guarantee you this…. you will laugh… and you will be comfortable… because that is what I deliver. I believe everyone is beautiful and they all have an inner model just dying to come out…. I know and can say that I will bring that out confidently. With that being said… how do you feel about having your photo taken? After all, life is short…. capture the moment you’re already in:)

Here are some of the photos that Josh took of me while visiting him in El Valle:)(Hey, even I need a photo!)

Shannon - September 24, 2010 - 9:46 pm

Barb! You are the definition of “keeping it real!” I am so proud of you and what you accomplish! Your photos are truly stunning, and I’m trying to figure out a reason for you to photograph me. :)

Erin - October 7, 2010 - 7:31 pm

You are gorgeous! Love you!

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