Stewart Family

Now here is a family that I call family. I consider Callie a sister and that precious little Robin my youngest sister…ok there might be a large gap in age, but a girl can dream! On the day of Robins first birthday party, we decided to hit up the Woodlands Park and take a few photos before this little one had her first taste of sugar. It’s a good thing that Blake knows his way around town… I like to consider myself pretty directionally on target most of the time… but not this day. This is the day I decided to take a short cut to the park and end up going down a dead end road. Thanks Blake for navigating us to a park that I’ve been to at least 20 times!

As you scroll down, you’ll notice some pearls in the first few shots, and then they magically disappear later. It’s a good thing those pearls were fake… after a few minutes those pearls were ripped to shreds by Robins hands! PEARLS EVERYWHERE!

Blake and Callie were given a few minutes to strike a pose for the camera and would you just look how these two compliment each other. Here are two very loving parents and a couple that adores the other.

I look forward to capturing Robin for the years to come! She will be one beautiful lady when she gets older… not that she isn’t absolutely ADORABLE now!

Thanks Blake & Callie for letting me take your photos!

Meet the Stewart Family: One Year, Three Shades of Purple & One-Hundred Pearls!

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