Rebecca + Kurt: Engagements

Rebecca and Kurt.. you guys sum up the word fun. Kurt has a side to him that would draw anyone towards him. It’s no wonder that Rebecca fell for him;)You may even notice his neon socks that he decided to wear for part of the shoot… the guy has fun written all over him! He also is a romantic. The very first shot you will see here is where he proposed to Rebecca. It’s the Vietnam Memorial right next to the CAF of Midland. He’s taken her there many times for date nights where the two would even drive motorized cars! What an adorable date night idea… cheap and romantic!

Rebecca also has the most giggly/infectious/adorable personality that can exist! When I came home I immediately told my husband about her and how she just made me smile the entire time! These two were clearly made for each other and the love is oh so evident!

Meet Rebecca & Kurt: A Bright Love, A Romantic Heart & A Fun Dynamic To Last A Lifetime!



Vanessa Ahrlett - October 23, 2012 - 3:38 am

Rebecca….these are the most beautiful pictures!!! Ya’ll look so positively happy and I am so happy for both of you! May you both be blessed with a lifetime of happiness which I know with your faith in God that will happen!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
Love Vanessa Ahrlett

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