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When shooting a wedding, timing is crucial. You don’t get all that one on one time that you get during an engagement shoot, so your goal is to work fast, but efficient. In this particular case, Heather and Isaac stood in the exact same spot, but we got 7 different poses within 2 minutes.

In the first picture you can see where we are at. We’re in a parking lot on the side of the church. I chose this spot because of two things. If you look on the far left I have a natural light reflector. It’s bouncing off the floor and illuminating Heather’s face. Secondly, we’re not in the blazing sun with harsh lighting. It’s not the location scenery that counts – it’s the natural light.

You can see what one foot difference can make in this shot. I took one step to the left and got a completely different shot. I knocked out the background where the roof is running into his head. By moving, I also get more light hitting her face. You don’t have to place your clients in a different spot, all you have to do is be interactive and move.

50mm f/3.2 100 ISO

This might be subtle to you, but I noticed with the first picture it felt stiff and too posey. To relax the situation, I told Isaac to put his hand in his pocket. It looks more natural and it also relaxed Heather and made her lean out with a bigger smile. Talking with your clients can make the biggest difference. Being vocal is key because it eases your clients and provides quality photos.

50mm f/3.2 100 ISO 1/250

Here you can see what the background looks like. A few cars in a parking lot. By getting close and just telling Isaac to turn around, another shot and a completely different pose.

50mm f/3.0 100 ISO 1/200

I had Isaac turn again and told him to look off. Notice they haven’t moved an inch.

By moving again to the left, another shot – completely different feel.

75mm f/5 250 ISO 1/80

Hey Isaac can you turn for me one more time! Oh and Heather look up. I placed the focus on Heather’s eye creating the bokeh all over Isaac and her hand.

50mm f/3.2 100 ISO 1/250

There you have it! 7 poses in about two minutes worth of time. I hope this helps some of you! If you have any questions what-so-ever, just shoot me a message and I’d be glad to answer. Special thanks to Jennifer for shooting me shooting them! She’s the absolute best second shooter!

Shannon - July 22, 2011 - 6:15 pm

AWESOME POST! Very helpful information!

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