Pumpkins, Candles & Laughter

I can still remember watching my dads big hands carving pumpkins in the backyard of my childhood home in California. My brother and I would sit and stare as he made art in his own way… that smiley face that he still draws on every piece of paper that he gets his hands on. After our move to Texas, I can’t really recall us making any more pumpkin carvings (even though my mother informed me that we did, but I was too busy hanging out being a teenager!). They were easily replaced with my mother still dressing up as Malificent from Sleeping beauty and candy galore for the neighborhood kids. Now that my parents are the oldest in their neighborhood, they’ve delegated themselves as the neighborhood Wizard & Sea Witch, giving all the little kids a smile or a panic stricken stare!

The other day my friend Laura told me about her and her boyfriend Eric carving pumpkins and having their parents judge whose was better. Unfortunately for Laura, Eric won with using her parents favorite team, Baylor, as his pumpkin. She had no chance! But this small conversation made me realize that I want to start this old tradition up again!

My roommate Brooke and I decided to spend our Monday night carving pumpkins while listening to the oldies station. Before Shep left for poker, (my other roommate) he gladly snapped a few shots of us having some fun.

Take some time out for yourself this year and invite a friend or family member over to share some wonderful memories. All of this was done for under $20 and in my mind, it was priceless.

Here are a few photos from our night of pumpkin seeds, Jon Hamm & Brooke’s glued owl wing!

Brooke working so diligently on her pumpkin!

Jon Hamm made a guest appearance, allowing us to dump all of our pumpkin seeds on his face! He also looks great next to Brooke’s owl.

Here is my spooky house and Brooke’s rendition of 3′s company!

At the end of the night, I set the camera up to take a picture of us and the final pumpkin!

Until next year, Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Halloween!

Debbie - October 7, 2010 - 4:38 pm

Too cute! I love it.

Erin - October 7, 2010 - 7:30 pm

You two are so creative! Love the pictures :)

Kevin Butts - October 8, 2010 - 4:34 pm

Love the story! also passing down the tradition.

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