Megan Jake & Hunter: Family

Have you ever seen a couple produce a child that looks so much like the father and the mother?!?! Hunter is absolutely adorable. You’ll agree I promise.

I know Jake and Megan from High School and I was just delighted when Megan contacted me in regards to taking some family photos. What I didn’t know was that their little son Hunter Jackson would be the easiest thing to shoot besides a few rig photos I’ve taken before. All you had to do was put him there and he was content. He definitely wins the easiest baby award of 2011. He just turned 1 on September 12th and he can make the cutest little noise where he pops his tongue to make this little sound. If only I had a video to show you all. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. His dad Jake just celebrated a birthday this past week as well, so here is a blog HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the both of you! Megan it might not have been your birthday recently, but you get the best skin award! My camera just ate up that perfect milky skin and the proof is in the pudding!

Megan & Jake, thanks for the opportunity! Your family is beautiful.

Meet Megan, Jake & Hunter: A One Year Old, a Red Wagon & the First of Many Family Photos to Come!

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