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Chevar + Erin: Wedding

Chevar you said “Barb I bet you don’t forget us”. UNDERSTATEMENT! You guys made me smile the entire time I was taking your group photos or just the two of you OR DANCING! The entire night was full of smiles and the two of you are what humor is all about! Your wedding was breathtaking...

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Aileen + Peter: Wedding

A wedding in the Florida Keys… does it really get any better then that? Aileen & Peter you two are so much fun! I just want to crawl on over to Austin and ring your doorbell just to hang out. If you could though… please bring your bridal party as well. Your wedding was ideal...

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Rebecca + Kurt: Wedding

It’s been said before… they will make you laugh. When Kurt walked down the aisle… “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble” blared on the speakers at exactly 2:08pm. They really will make you fall in love with THEM! SWEETEST people I’ve encountered in the longest time. Rebecca and Kurt had a lovely day wedding surrounded by...

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