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Sarah: Maternity

Sarah you are STUNNING. Pregnancy definitely suits you! We spent this past weekend taking a few photos for Sarah and Bryan to remember the sweet precious time when Lynlee wasn’t quite here yet. I love that you both have managed to put a name together that is so dear to the two of you. Watching...

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Sarah + Bryan: Gender Reveal

OH HOW EXCITING! Even as I sat here editing these photos my face was beaming with smiles and joy! I felt like part of the family getting to sit back and watch the gender reveal! For the record… I wore a pink scarf to show which side I was on. I’m not saying I’m psychic…...

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Sarah & Bryan: Expecting

Do you remember the board game ‘Life’? I used to be obsessed with that game when I was a kid. Yes… I own the iPad app as well. It’s just simply fun and great to play on airplanes. Well, when I sit back and think of Bryan and Sarah, the game just immediately comes to...

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