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Rebecca + Kurt: Engagements

Rebecca and Kurt.. you guys sum up the word fun. Kurt has a side to him that would draw anyone towards him. It’s no wonder that Rebecca fell for himYou may even notice his neon socks that he decided to wear for part of the shoot… the guy has fun written all over him! He...

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Britni + Pat: Engagements

Britni and Pat are one of those couples that you just want to hang out with on a Wednesday night. They are laid back, fun and extremely generous. Britni wouldn’t even let me sit in the back of the truck during our excursion. Pat even came with a truck fully loaded with anything we could...

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Savannah + Joseph: Engagements

Savannah & Joseph – you two just fit perfectly together! I’m so glad that we are friends and I’m even more glad that you two photograph PERFECTLY! Savannah, you are just bite-size and I want to put you in my pocket! I love your red hair and I love the way you move in front...

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