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Jordan: Bridals

There are photogenic people and then there are models. Jordan… you fall under the category of super model. I love you so much and you are SO STUNNING it’s almost hard to look at you! Your bridals were so much fun and I can’t wait to blog your beautiful wedding next! Meet Jordan: The Perfect...

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Erin: Bridals

Erin your wedding was SO MUCH FUN on Saturday! But before we get into the wedding, here is a look at ther Bridals from a month ago! You were a beautiful bride Erin! Meet Erin: Two Dogs, Cowboy Boots & An A&M Jersey!

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Wendy: Bridals

Wendy I already miss you and your fun friends. Your bridals were a blast to shoot and you even rocked it out when it was blazing HOT outside! Your wedding was spectacular this past weekend, but here are the bridals of the now married Wendy! We spent the afternoon in San Angelo with a few...

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