Alyson & Alex: Seniors

Looks like more twins have made it up on the blog! Alyson & Alex both attend Midland High and it looks like they both want to attend Texas A&M. Now before you scroll down and view the photos… I need to mention two things. First off, Alyson is drop dead gorgeous. She has the most perfect smile and beautiful blue eyes that just pop with color. I wanted to steal her peachy pink dress from her, but apparently I need to go to Vegas to get it. Secondly, since we’re on the topic of Vegas… Alex needs to wear his golf pants to Vegas when he turns 21. I am officially jealous of the MHS Seniors who get to rock these out on the golf course. I may possibly be MHS’ biggest golf fan because of these shocking pants!

Their slightly younger brother tagged along for the session for a few sibling photos. He also attends MHS, but is just a year younger. He made me laugh and that gives you three thumbs up from me Zach!

Meet Alyson & Alex: Twins, The Hottest Pants I’ve Ever EVER Seen & a Cowboy Hat Appearance.


Best pants… man I love them

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