Monthly Archives: August 2013

Lori: Matenity

Lori. You are just precious! When you got out of that SUV… I wanted to run over to you and applaud you and squeeze you for wearing red! You nailed it! Your skin is to die for and your dress made you look angelic! I’m also very glad that Michael was there to make us...

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Jordan + John: Wedding

When you mix a wonderful love story and an amazing family together…. you end up with a wedding that looks a little like this. Jordan and John have the simple way of putting everyone around them at ease. Jordan can strike up a conversation with anyone and make them feel as if nothing else matters...

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Chevar + Erin: Wedding

Chevar you said “Barb I bet you don’t forget us”. UNDERSTATEMENT! You guys made me smile the entire time I was taking your group photos or just the two of you OR DANCING! The entire night was full of smiles and the two of you are what humor is all about! Your wedding was breathtaking...

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