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Aileen + Peter: Wedding

A wedding in the Florida Keys… does it really get any better then that? Aileen & Peter you two are so much fun! I just want to crawl on over to Austin and ring your doorbell just to hang out. If you could though… please bring your bridal party as well. Your wedding was ideal...

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Newborns: Owen Smart

Owen I’ve known about you for a long time. I’ve been wondering what you’d look like for 9 months! I’ve known your parents for the longest time and they are such sweet dear friends of mine. I can’t wait to watch you grow up into a little guy and a grown man! You are beyond...

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1 Year Anniversary

You two are just precious. And I love that my camera loved yall! I hope your first year of marriage was just was you had pictured. Good luck with the rest of your schooling and I’m so glad to have met yall! Meet the Salas: PA School, A 1 Year Anniversary & The Cutest High...

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