Monthly Archives: October 2012

Rebecca + Kurt: Engagements

Rebecca and Kurt.. you guys sum up the word fun. Kurt has a side to him that would draw anyone towards him. It’s no wonder that Rebecca fell for himYou may even notice his neon socks that he decided to wear for part of the shoot… the guy has fun written all over him! He...

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Tough Mudder 2012

This year we decided to give Tough Mudder a try and man oh man was it a blast! A 12 mile obstacle course with 22 different obstacles… not to mention electroshock wires! There’s a lot of photos here, but they are all COMPLIMENTS OF MY DEAR FRIEND MELISSA SMART! She was able to get a...

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Sarah + Bryan: Gender Reveal

OH HOW EXCITING! Even as I sat here editing these photos my face was beaming with smiles and joy! I felt like part of the family getting to sit back and watch the gender reveal! For the record… I wore a pink scarf to show which side I was on. I’m not saying I’m psychic…...

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