Monthly Archives: July 2012

Wendy +Roman: Wedding

What a beautiful and FUN wedding! Wendy, like I said in your bridals, you have the most magnetic personality and it’s no wonder people love to be around you. It’s also easy to see how easy it was for Roman to fall in love with you. I loved hearing all about how he proposed and...

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Rylan Carter: Newborns

Oh Rylan, I love you for many reasons. One? I had a bet that you would be born on the 19th and you knew that was the day all because of my bet! (Or at least I’m going to keep telling myself that….!). Ashley and Blake you sure did make a beautiful baby. Rylan is...

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Wendy: Bridals

Wendy I already miss you and your fun friends. Your bridals were a blast to shoot and you even rocked it out when it was blazing HOT outside! Your wedding was spectacular this past weekend, but here are the bridals of the now married Wendy! We spent the afternoon in San Angelo with a few...

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