Monthly Archives: May 2012

Sam Patrick: Newborns

Sam Patrick you are just so easy. Laid back, happy… content. Didn’t matter how we put you, you were good to go. You obviously are adorable by just looking at your gene pool alone! Thank you Ben and Jenna for allowing me to photograph you guys yet again. This past Memorial Weekend, I got to...

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Lauren: Maternity

Once again some more of my favorite people are on the blog today! Lauren and Gary are very dear friends of mine and I was elated when Lauren said she wanted to take some maternity photos of her and Miss Lexi Raye. How cute is that name? Not only am I a PROUD American, but...

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Melissa + Patrick: Family

Oh Melissa and Patrick… you two already know that we’re all growing old together. We will be that couple in the same retirement home still joking around about Anchorman and Happy Gilmore. I’ll also still take your photos when we’re 75 whether you like it or not! In case you can’t tell, I got to...

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