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Kristen + Lee: Engagements

Oh Lee and Kristen… you two make me want to take dance classes at the local dance studio just to get the moves you two have! Like I said before, I could post 30 photos on here that would just crack people up with how you two compliment each-other, but I’ll save it for a...

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Grand Opening of Blackbird

They’ve done it! Midland now has a fresh and original store that honestly takes you to a new style where you feel like you’ve stepped out of the city and into something fresh. The blackbird store opened today, January 27th, 2012 and are located at 2101 W Wadley Suite 12, right next to Carters. The...

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2011: Review and Why It Was The Best Year

11 you’ve always been my lucky number. As far back as I can remember I’d pick you for my sports number… unless you were already taken… and then I’d just give the other girl who took my number the evil eye. Yes I’m talking to you if you took my number.Maybe just maybe, there was...

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