2012: A Review of Another Great Story

As if 2011 could be topped. I spent 2012 in a dreamlike state. It floated by so softly, but it will be engrained in my memories forever. So many changes, so many new lives and so many loved ones surrounded my year. I got married to the man of my dreams… traveled the world some… met new people… loved harder… and everything managed to stay in focus. All of the photos you are about to see are not in chronological order, but you can get a small glimpse of my wonderful 2012 year.

I want everyone to know that I owe 2012 to my darling husband. It’s because of you that I’ve learned the true deep meaning of unconditional love.



January – We brought in the New Year skiing in Winter Park CO. I “attempted” to learn how to ski and it honestly wasn’t easy people. But I can assure you, by December 2012… I can go DOWN BLUES! WOOHOO! AND let me just tell you about my SURPRISE birthday party. Turning 27 could never be topped. My parents threw me a surprise TWILIGHT themed birthday party. I went on a 5 hour scavenger hunt with complete strangers dressed like Cullen characters. The hunt ended with all my closest friends at Garlic Press for a dinner. CANT BE TOPPED!

February: I went to Arizona for my first ever Gem & Mineral Show! (This is where we all say “Yup.. Barb married a Geologist”). Surprisingly enough… I had a great time with Ross and his family there!

March – We embarked to Las Vegas to celebrate a dear friend Brooke’s Bachelorette Party! It is here that I learned that I will never be able to make spaghetti good again. If you are ever in Vegas, go to LAVO. Order Spaghetti. Change your life. We also spent another weekend celebrating another Bachelorette party in Dallas for St. Patty’s day! Talk about a GREAT month!

April – This month was packed with goodies! I got to shoot Sarah’s wedding and it was b-e-a-utiful! Then Lizette got married at the sweetest B&B in Fredericksburg. Seeing how happy she was… made my month. We also started my first ever Christmas in Action project. It was rewarding and a LOT of work!

MAY – Then good old Brookems got married to my other dear friend Shep. We had the BEST time and I’m still mad that it shut down at 12. I could’ve stayed up easily to 12:30!;)We also had our first “shower” for our wedding. My friends threw us a fun party that was so endearing.

June – My very own Bachelorette party! All my friends came together and made it PERFECT! I got to do exactly what I wanted… sit around at a lake house and watch everyone have a good time! I wish I could tell you more… but … you just had to be there;)

July – We headed down to Santa Fe to see our wedding venue and take care of some things. I FELL IN LOVE WITH SANTA FE! I knew once we were there… we made the right decision! I also got to go to Ross’ Annual Frio River trip. It was amazing getting to finally sit down more with his family and learn some new traditions!

August – What can I say! MAGICAL MONTH! I got married to my HubsMcgrubs and visit Jamaica for the first time. We got to go when the Olympics were happening. Let’s just say.. I wish America had as much pride as Jamaica has for their country!

September – There were more weddings! Savannah got married at a quaint Boerne ranch and I got to go camping for the first time in 10 years! I also got my new baby.. that’s right.. my new baby…. MARK 5DIII!

October – ACL 2012! GREAT LINE UP. We did stay at an… interesting establishment, but it doesn’t matter when you have good friends around. I did get sick.. but the Lumineers were worth it!We also went down to Nick’s ranch to spend Halloween by a campfire! OH AND TOUGH MUDDER. How could I forget that? Google it.

November – More weddings to attend and my dads birthday!

December – And here we are. Back to where we began. Ending the year with another ski trip, but this time we went to Breckenridge CO. The friends and memories all locked away in my head.

I hope your 2012 was invigorating on many levels! I hope you made the best of the year and you made some crazy goal like losing 32 pounds for 2013 or pick up a new hobby that you’ve always wanted to try;)

Cheers to 2013


My Dad and I at our rehearsal

Halloween 2012! I AM A BLUE BLOB!

Just got our marriage certificate in NM

My beautiful friends at our rehearsal

The Sordens at the Sites wedding!

Ok I’m a little weird

Frio River Trip

The Rumohr’s wedding

Camping 2012

Honeymoon Jamaica


Skiing in Winter Park to bring in 2012

Ross Kayaking

Ross’ MAN shower

We did our Bachelorette/Bachelore parties on the same weekend

I LOVE that rope swing.. too much actually

Cotton Field!

Annual Family Butts photo

My Vampire Birthday Bash

Our Save the Dates

My LOVELY friend Melissa came with me to dress shop!

Best friend Erin gives birth to KAYLEN!

MY sweet Mollye and her zombie eyes

Erins baby shower

Lizzy’s St. Pattys day Bachelorette party


HAHA! I love that Lord Valtimort picture. Random but it belongs in here somewhere. Also, check out the STYLISH shoes Lizzy found!


My heart <3

Lizettes Wedding

HubsMcgrubs always working hard on our house

Brookems wedding!

Laurens baby shower

Ashley gives us another joy! Rylen! (Don’t kill me for posting your photo.. you are a stunning mom!)

I decided my business needed a Christmas Party!

The day I took my bridals with Kayla Barker

Wedding party favors

Tough Mudder. WATCH OUT FOR THE ELECTRIC SHOCK FENCE… don’t have to tell me twice


Kayla - January 30, 2013 - 6:53 pm

Oh yay! I made your photos! :-) SO fun!

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