Monthly Archives: July 2011

A: Quick Poses & Light

When shooting a wedding, timing is crucial. You don’t get all that one on one time that you get during an engagement shoot, so your goal is to work fast, but efficient. In this particular case, Heather and Isaac stood in the exact same spot, but we got 7 different poses within 2 minutes. In...

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Rankin Twins

Every guys dream – two beautiful twins! April and Amy are two of the sweetest souls you’ll ever come across and if you’re lucky – maybe they’ll even write a song about you some day. Back in the good old High School days I played soccer with these two. Talk about multi-talented! These two can...

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Brooke + Alexander: Wedding

It was the day before their rehearsal dinner. I called Brooke for some final details and all I hear is whispering… “Hey Barbara! Can I call you back? Sorry we’re in the courthouse and we kind of forgot to get our marriage license and we’re waiting on the judge….!”. Well I’m sure glad the judge...

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