Monthly Archives: March 2011

London & Paris

Words will never be able to express the amount of fun I had on this trip. How many times do you get to go on a trip like this… with close friends… across the world… without a care in the world! We spent one week exploring the ins and outs of Paris & London –...

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Published on TravelToIDo – Angela & Daniel

My first publication! I was unbelievably thrilled when I got the email from Christie Spring, the owner of, regarding Angela & Daniel’s Turks & Caicos Destination Wedding. This is such a fabulous site for getting ideas on where to go if you’re in the market for a Destination Wedding. Not only does the site...

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Mateo & Max

There’s something very special about this last session. I went to college with the mother whose son this is and I played soccer with her and her identical twin sister.. Farrah & Sham. Who would’ve thought that only 4 years ago we were sprinting up and down the longest soccer field I’ve ever seen and...

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