2011: Review and Why It Was The Best Year

11 you’ve always been my lucky number. As far back as I can remember I’d pick you for my sports number… unless you were already taken… and then I’d just give the other girl who took my number the evil eye. Yes I’m talking to you if you took my number.;)Maybe just maybe, there was some reason I always had a connection to that number. It’s as if God was telling me… hold on. Hold on to that number, because it’s special. He was right. 11… you will forever be my lucky number.

2011 – you gave me so much to be thankful for, that I don’t even know where to begin. So I will begin at the beginning.

January 2011. I got to spend my birthday photographing my first destination wedding in Turks & Caicos. I’m still thanking Angela & Daniel in my head all the time for picking me for their photographer. The month also ended with a trip to Santa Fe, NM for a snowboarding trip with some great friends. Do the Bernie.

February 2011. I met him. He walked into Sedona while I was slamming down some queso. I remembered him from Junior High, but there he was in his gray long sleeve polo and that smile. My life changed that night.

March 2011. I checked off a big bucket list item. I got to go to Paris and London with some AMAZING close friends. 1 week I will also never forget. When I got back… I couldn’t wait to see him. Missing him made me realize that I loved him.

April 2011. Jury Duty. Didn’t like it.

May 2011. My dear friend Amber got married. I also got to embark on a FANTASTIC bachelorette party of another friend Heather in Austin. GREAT month!

June 2011. Heather got married! I got to photograph a really close friend get married. IT was perfect! I golfed in my first tournament… and I DID help out! And at the end of the month… I headed out for a O’Brien family reunion in Tahoe. The lake was breathtaking.

July 2011. San Francisco visit for the Fourth with my cousin and my boyfriend. We also did a Napa Wine Tour and fell in love with the scenery.

August 2011. Mom and Grandmas birthday. My mom turned 60 and she still looks 40!  I tried to do 60 small gifts, but soon realized I am not a millionaire.

September 2011. Labor day with the Smarts. Possum Kingdom honestly rocked my feet off. Oh and what rocked my ears off you ask? ACL 2011! I LOVE MUSIC FESTIVALS!

October 2011. My first A&M football game and a Ranch Party with the Oak Ridge Boys. Oh and VEGAS! We got to see Elton John perform and he really does play the piano guys…. just in case you thought he was faking it.;)

November 2011. Dads birthday and Thanksgiving in Boerne, Texas. We took our annual family photos down at my parents house.

December 2011. Where do I start. Ross’ family took me to Hawaii to celebrate Christmas. I said yest to the man I will cherish forever. I love you Ross. More than anything. We then ended the best year of my life in Winter Park, CO skiing.


I already miss you 2011. You completed me. You (yes I will refer to a year as a “you”) made me laugh, cry, shocked me, stunned me and most importantly… made it okay to just breathe. You make me nervous for 2012 because I feel like you can’t be topped. But then I remember who I am marrying and I no longer get nervous. Because you gave me the gift that keeps giving… a husband.

Here are some of my highlights of 2011. I hope you had a great year everyone… and if not… please TRUST ME… your year is coming;)

Much Love.


Barbara (soon to be Cox!)



 My best friends Mom beats cancer! I LOVE YOU CHAR! Oh and I have the best parents. Sorry everyone out there. My niece and nephew are too adorable… just look!

Turks & Caicos…. I love you! I turned 26 in a FABULOUS place..

Me in Turks & Caicos. BLAST

Snowboarding in Santa Fe and some ghost hunting in Galveston.

My parents new dog Voulzy. Don’t ask me… ask my mother why she named him that!;)

The rose he gave me on our first date. Our first picture ever taken. The first Bass I ever caught. The DAY I knew I loved him.

London & Paris with my girlies!

Just surfing the L’oeuvre …

My sweet dog Brandi… still around!

My parents and Ross at Amber & Paul’s wedding in San Antonio.

An average day in my life.

Happy Fourth from San Francisco!

ACL and Cinco De MAYO!

Tahoe & A&M…

Love him. SO MUCH!

On an engagement shoot in Monahans Sand Dunes… Alex pushed me down! Vegas. Parents Anniversary.

Ross’ first time to Vegas. Elton John.

My Family! Next year… 1 addition!

Ranch party and me doing some photography.

Helicopter tour… I almost reached for the Aloha Bag.

My future In-Laws;)

Tal & Todd!

New Sis-in-Law and I playing in the water. Kellye… you’re too in shape. Stop.

I don’t remember what this is called… it was relaxing and a workout…

Deep Sea Fishing! Sorry… no fish to show you..

The day before be proposed;)

Unreal views.

Proposal! Ignore my hair…

New family!

My Fiance!

Love you baba

Ross and his sister Kellye

Ray Lamontange. Me shooting. And my future hubs.

Some of my Couples from 2011!

Skiing in Winter Park. Happy New Year!

God Bless America! Love you all

Charliss Rodgers - January 16, 2012 - 7:15 pm

Simply UNBELIEVABLE!!! You are amazing!! Love you my second daughter!! ;)

Angela - April 27, 2012 - 3:49 am

So I know I am a little late considering it’s almost May but thank you Barb! We had so muh fun with you in Turks and you took some amazing pics. Have a blast planning your own special day. You will be an absolutely stunning bride.

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